Exploring St. Louis, Missouri: Tour Guides and Commentary

The expert team in St. Louis, Missouri provides informative commentary, adding historical and architectural context to the experience that is sure to impress. Once your feet are on dry land, you will pass by the Basilica of Saint Louis, King of France. The best guided tours offer incredible moments, in which you discover something new about a place and that completely changes your perspective.

Transplanted from Tennessee, Amanda Clark didn't just fall in love with St. Louis when she moved here 18 years ago. She was fascinated by it, with its neighborhoods, its industries, even its divisions and its infamous crimes. On St.

Louis on the Air, Clark described how she signed up for walking tours soon after moving to St. Louis and discovered that she had her own standards for what is a great tour and what is not. A baseball walking tour failed from the start, and Clark also retracted ideas from previous tours framed in real criminal incidents. She has no interest in conducting a “ghost” tour, no matter how popular they seem to be. The See STL Tour program offers bus and walking tours, covering numerous neighborhoods and topics including “Brick City Broads”, “Made in STL” and “More than the Arch”.

Among other tours, Gundersen now leads the “Gay Liberation” walking tour in Gateway City, which explores the history of the Central West End as a center of LGBTQ activism. For more information on tour dates and ticket information, including descriptions of available tours, visit the See STL Tours homepage. It is highly recommended to buy tickets online in advance if possible; once you arrive, be sure to follow the signs to the new entrance in the center of the arch, near the Old Palace of Justice. There's an extensive exhibition about the history and construction of the arch; be sure to set aside some time to see it before taking the streetcar to the top. Please note that the facilities are not fully accessible (you have to climb a few stairs to get to the top) and the summit can be crowded, even with limited entrance. Even so, the trip in the exclusive five-seater capsules and the view from the top are well worth it and a reasonable entrance fee. The Muny usually charges for seats during the summer season at Forest Park, but if you arrive early enough, you can find a seat in the free seating area behind the seats of the main audience.

We were lucky enough to catch a performance of St. Louis was playing during our visit and, although we couldn't stay for the entire performance due to dinner reservations, we were both very impressed by the size of the venue and the talent of the artists.

St. Louis BBQ

seems to be less of a style of barbecue than simply a cut of ribs. Still, we found decent barbecue at both Pappy's Smokehouse (Memphis-style) and Sugarfire Smokehouse (a mix of barbecue styles).

Don't expect a particularly spicy dish (that's what you get in Kansas City), but it's a good filling meal anyway. When you arrive, don't let the queues stop you: they move fast and food is served fast. Ready for a nice cup of coffee? Blueprint Coffee, in the Delmar Loop, serves up coffee that would be dangerous to have nearby as you'd be tempted to visit it all the time. They really know their stuff when it comes to coffee but they're also not snobs when it comes to answering questions. Kaldi's Coffee is a small specialty coffee chain with a few locations in St. Louis, Kansas City, Columbia and Atlanta, GA.

They're great for serving up drinks like Cortado or Gibraltar which come with chocolate-covered espresso beans - as if we needed another incentive!St. Louis already has a famous “local” beer (you've probably heard of it). I prefer to visit smaller breweries though - one reader recommended Urban Chestnut which didn't disappoint! The weather was warm during our August visit so we went inside; on a nicer day though, their patio would be perfect for hanging out. The Fleur-de-Lys mansion was perfect for our anniversary stay in St. Louis.

Built in the 19th century this four-room inn is well-run by Jerilyn and Gary who have left no detail unattended. Our room was perfectly comfortable and we were in heaven with all those soft sheets provided! Breakfast couldn't have been more perfect: fresh juice smoothie candied bacon and a delicious blintz cheese souffle served alongside a big cup of coffee - we will definitely return on our next visit!Have you ever been to St. Louis, Missouri? What are your favorite things to do in this great American city? The company's tours cover both sides of this city - from Eads Bridge to Gateway Arch & Old Courthouse - offering an unforgettable experience!.